The Venture Tours Brand Ambassadorship Program

Are you an adventurous, well-connected, well-traveled and outgoing student who wants the opportunity to work with the leading discount student travel agency? If you have a large network of friends on your campus, are involved in a variety of activities and organizations, and love to plan and promote on-campus events, apply to become an The Venture Tours Ambassador Program today!

Become an Ambassador

The The Venture Tours Ambassadorship Program is a unique chance for an undergraduate, graduate student or recent graduate to serve as an ambassador and work as part of the fun, spirited culture of The Venture Tours. Student Ambassadors are responsible for driving awareness about The Venture Tours on their local campuses and community through local events, on-campus efforts, and via common social media networks.


Note: Individual can also become the Ambassadors from Any city of Pakistan.


What do Ambassadors Receive?

  • Up to 100%  Off on Every Tour(Target for No. of Participants Will be Different for Each Tour)·
  • If He/She is able to provide more participants than the targeted ones then he/she will be given commission on each participant according to the Percentage decided.